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Fitness w/ Purpose

Strength Personal Training, Inc. believes in ‘Fitness with Purpose’!

Of course, everyone wants to look good.  At Strength Personal Training, we offer Fitness with Purpose.  This means that “looking good” will certainly be a by-product of working with us, but is not the end-all goal.  Fitness with purpose means you are training for a reason.  Whether it be to lose weight, so you are healthier, can be more active with your kids; gaining muscle and strength, so you can compete in races you have always had as goals, strengthen your body for “everyday” challenges of life.  Whatever your goal or purpose, Strength Personal Training will be there to partner with you to meet and exceed that goal!

We also believe that Strength Personal Training, Inc. has ‘Fitness with Purpose’ in that we want to serve our clients and give our clients opportunities to serve others! We have strategically partnered with two amazing charities that are close to our hearts and we have been involved with for some time, Front Row Foundation & ComeUnity.

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Front Row Foundations’ mission is to help individuals and families who are braving critical health challenges “live life in the front row™.” They do this by providing  recipients a front row experience at their favorite concert, sporting event, theatrical performance or other form of live entertainment. Through the generosity of many, they create life-changing moments that positively affect the mind, body, and spirit of each person involved.  John serves on the advisory board for the Front Row Foundation, as well as having been an event ambassador and avid supporter.  Learn more and support Front Row Foundation by clicking here.


ComeUnity LogoComeUnity is a local non profit that partners with developing societies by creating opportunities for self-sufficient life.  In the summer of 2013, John had the opportunity to travel to Ethiopia and Kenya with ComeUnity to see first-hand the life-changing work they do.  Learn more and support ComeUnity by clicking here.




Throughout the year, we will offer special, donation only classes, in which, all the proceeds will go to one of these two charities.  We will also look to involve our clients in Front Row Foundation and ComeUnity fundraisers, such as ComeUnity’s 6k for Clean Water and various opportunities with Front Row Foundation!