Get Jumpin’

“Cinderella dressed in yellow, went up stairs to kiss her fellow….”  If you haven’t heard this rhyme and thought of jumping rope since elementary school, it is time to refresh your memory.
Jumping rope is an excellent source of cardio exercise. In fact, jumping rope burns more calories per minute than running a six-minute mile, according to Brett Stewart, ultra-marathoner and co-author of ‘Ultimate Jump Rope Workouts.’
Jump ropes are inexpensive (there are great ones at Five Below!) and totally portable (keep it in your gym bag, store it in your coat closet, pack it your suitcase for a trip)
Jumping rope not only works your legs, but your arms, shoulders, and core, as well.  It also strengthens your bones and helps improve balance.  You can google jump rope workouts and find many great 10 and 15 minute routines.
Jumping rope is a great, no excuse workout that you can do at home, even (and especially) when you are short on time.
So get hoppin’ (or jumping) and try the new ‘old’ craze of jumping rope!  I love feedback, try a jump rope routine and let me know what you think!