Make a Fresh Start, Begin Now!

To start anything is a challenge. Especially when you want to put your best foot forward and make an impression. I have been thinking long and hard about how to communicate with my dedicated clients and friends, and suddenly, it hit me, I do not have to think that hard. I just have to deliver one message. My message is “Make a Fresh Start, Begin Now”.

It is never too late to transform yourself. One of the major things we believe in at Strength Personal Training is that you are wonderful as you are, and we are here to make you even better. Whether you want to improve your eating habits, fall in love with your body again, train for a race, or simply shed some unwanted pounds, we are here to help. What is different about us, as a company, today is we want to be with you on that journey of self-sacrifice, self-admiration, and self-love. We want to be here to hold your hand, if you need it or just be an inspiring voice in the background as you go it on your own.

Follow us on Twitter, Friend us on Facebook, tell a friend, and join our movement: FEEL great, LOVE yourself, HAVE energy, STAY strong, BE healthy, and EXUDE happiness. 

And, as always, Expect Excellence.

John Edwin, CSCS
Strength Personal Training
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Twitter: @strengthpt