New Boot Camps Session Begin Monday, 2/17/14

Have you seen the upcoming forecast?  There are a few days with highs of 50 or higher…Spring is just around the corner!!!  Time to get committed (or re-committed) to your health and fitness goals.  We understand that this crazy winter weather has messed with your routine, but let’s get back in the groove!
When you sign up for the next 10 weeks of classes you will get $10 off of any SFH supplements.  Stronger Faster Healthier is the absolute cleanest and best supplements available and many of you are already taking the SFH protein and fish oils so enjoy this discount. 
Co-Ed Camp
Monday – Wednesday
February 17th – April 23rd
Messiah United Methodist Church
527 Ridge Pike, Lafayette Hill
10 weeks / 20 classes, $250
10 weeks / 10 classes, $125
Women’s Camp:
Monday – Wednesday 
February 17th – March 19th
Messiah United Methodist Church
527 Ridge Pike, Lafayette Hi
5 weeks / 15 classes, $125
 find your strong
We have found the best way to advertise and grow our camps are through personal invites. Please feel free to invite a friend or forward them this email!
Lastly, we are going into the spring and summer, I want to challenge everyone reading this to pick a goal.  It can be a 5K 10K half/full marathon, Mud race, triathlon, anything that gets you excited to take on.  If you’re not sure; you should check out and get registered.