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“Signing up for Strength Bootcamp was one of the best decisions I made this year. Every morning the workouts are different making it a challenging experience in an encouraging and positive atmosphere. It is much more fun than going to the gym, jumping on a treadmill and going it on your own.

I joined Strength Bootcamp because I was in a workout rut and wanted something different and fresh. That is exactly what I received. What I didn’t expect was the confidence I gained. That confidence came when I had to buy new jeans this fall because I lost inches. Woo Hoo!”
- Sue Frustillo

“I started going to Strength Bootcamps two years ago, and since then, I have gained more all-over strength and a level of fitness that I haven’t had before. By going to bootcamp classes twice a week, it has motivated me to work out more consistently on other days as well.
The timing of the classes at Miles Park is perfect–I’m up and working out before I can even think twice about it! And I’m back home in time to help my kids to get out the door for school.

Also, I’ve met a great group of people! Strength Personal Training organizes teams to participate in events like 5ks, mud runs, and obstacle course races for people of ANY fitness level. I have really enjoyed the challenge of trying events that seemed intimidating to me.
And we all support each other in training for and completing these events!”
- Elizabeth Holsigner

“There is no better way to jump start the week than a Strength Boot Camp workout. It gets me energized for the day and focused for the rest of the week.”
- Jim Brennan, Investor

“I work at a desk all day, but the training and workout I get from Strength Boot Camp helps me be more focused and ready to work. There is no sluggish morning on boot camp day. John and Strength Boot Camp are the most amazing eye opener it is like a giant cup of coffee with extra caffeine!”
- David Salkin, CPA

“For me it is a challenge that is fun”
- Susan Redding

“I am very grateful for your bootcamp!! I’m sure you hear this constantly but I just wanted to make sure you heard it from me!! Not even three full sessions and I am down 12 pounds. Now I know 12 lbs is not earth shattering but to me it is a whole new mind set. The past 13 weeks or so have made me feel better about myself and my confidence to wear cute skirts and snug tops over baggy t-shirts and sweats has skyrocketed!!!”
- Louise Monteforte, Veterinarian

“I have been doing Strength Bootcamp for a few months now and can honestly say that I am in better shape at 40 than I was years ago. I was a little apprehensive when I started because I wasn’t in the greatest shape, but now I have more endurance and strength than I ever thought I would. And to top it off, I’ve met a bunch of amazing people that I now call friends! I highly recommend.”
- Tony Baradziej

“Strength Bootcamps is one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made in myself.  I have more stamina and energy, look better, and just feel great as a result of these sessions.  The whole experience is relentless, both the intensity of the workout and John and Cody’s nonstop positivity.  The class fosters a real community, with incredible encouragement right from day one, and the accountability I need to stay driven.  Four months in, I’m only beginning to scratch the surface of what I can accomplish, and I cannot thank Strength Personal Training enough.”
- Rick Carpenter

“When John Edwin told me about Strength Bootcamp, and said, “join up, it will change your life!”, I was skeptical, but I am always up for a challenge. The first few sessions, I was humbled by the way that the more experienced campers were hustling through the workout, while I really had a very hard time finishing. I had been “working out” at the gym several times per week, but this was a different animal altogether. Those few sessions put me on notice of where I was, and where I wanted to be. After the first five weeks, it got easier. After 10 weeks, my energy level skyrocketed. After 5 months, I have lost nearly 30 pounds, and feel like a different person, just as John told me I would! I couldn’t imagine a better start to the day, than at Strength Bootcamp, with a great group of people trying to help each other get and stay fit!”
- Sean McManus

“After the Women’s Strength Bootcamp, I feel like I can conquer the world!”
- Tina Scanlan, Pharmacist

“I’m Gary Barbera and I approve this message! In my business, I always say the toughest part about being #1 is staying there; John is constantly keeping it fresh, and helping you reach your goals, whether you are at a fitness level 1 or 10, because John Edwin cares!! So, is John Edwin the best? Boy, I guess!!!”
- Gary Barbera, #1 Car Dealer from Maine to Miami

“I never thought I would actually enjoy this bootcamp, but I love it! It’s very challenging and extremely rewarding, I feel an increase in energy throughout the day and just feel better in general.”
- Peter Scarola, Pastry Chef, R2L Restaurant

“Having overall good health is extremely important to me. Getting ultra fit is a close second. John understands that the two go hand in hand. He does not just “work you out”. He first seeks to understand you as an individual and then helps you with creating a comprehensive wellness plan to make life changes. I recently signed up for Strength Personal Training’s boot camps. They are challenging, exhilarating, and fun. I have a life goal of competing in a triathlon. John is the only trainer I would choose!”
- Dayhna Carroll, Owner, Loving Your Living Coaching & Consulting

“Thanks for a great workout and pushing me to another level!”
- Kelly D’Alessandro, Executive Assistant

“John is someone who brings uncommon skill, patience and love of his job to every workout session. John has accomplished what no other trainer has ever done for me, made me consistently show up, benefit from and, even, enjoy my workouts. John makes every workout physically and mentally fulfilling. Given the opportunity, you should not hesitate to make John your personal trainer.”
- Daniel Braverman, President, Radio Systems Inc.

“While training with John, I have achieved physical goals which were otherwise unattainable, if it were not for the personal attention and direction I received from him.”
- Jose Rodriguez, Hair Stylist

“I went into my first training session with John thinking that I knew about fitness and exercise routines and working out and after spending 10 minutes with John, I realized 2 things: 1) that I did not know that much about fitness, 2) that John was the right choice for a trainer. I have seen tremendous results and I owe it to John’s work ethic and desire for everyone to, not only be fit, but to feel fit mentally and physically. John is an extraordinary person, one who is willing to give his clients 110% everyday!”
- John Bullock, CPA

“I had been working out for years but hadn’t seen significant results until I started training with John. His motivation and variation in work out routines really kept me focused. In addition, his dedication to see his clients reach their particular goals is truly a wonderful asset. I would highly recommend John to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their fitness, appearance and overall health.”
- Jen Stein, Nurse

“John impressed me with his professionalism. He possesses this rare combination of expertise and an outgoing, charming personality that made me confident to sign up for training with him. John has helped me become a new person. Thanks to his guidance, I look and feel better. I highly recommend John as a personal trainer to anyone who is serious about working out safely and consistently, while still having fun doing it!”
- Rainer Klett, Owner, Translation Company

“The results speak for themselves, I lowered my body-fat over 6% in 6 months; my body is strong and yet not bulky. I have both endurance and anaerobic strength. Behind these results, however, is the positive experience I have had working with John. He has a terrific, positive attitude and clearly loves what he does. He has a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with. John is motivating both during our session and after our session.”
- Alissa Peck, Teacher

“John has worked with me to tailor my diet and cardio to meet my goals. My progress each week is amazing. I’m not a “gym” person and have never been athletic, but I really look forward to each session. I feel great knowing I’m healthier and in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life. It’s a great experience to train with John. It’s a great experience to train with John and you can’t argue with the results.”
- Matt Varrato, Graphic Artist

“Women’s Strength Bootcamp was an incredible experience.  It definitely took my fitness to a whole new level!”
-Joyce Janisewski, Artist

“In only 5 weeks of Women’s Strength Bootcamp, I see an enormous difference in my strength and endurance.  I can’t wait for the next session to start!”
-Randi Halbert

“After I participated in a Strength Bootcamp, I realized that the same old gym routine just wasn’t cutting it.  The first bootcamp I really doubted my abilities and thought it would be too tough for me to get through the end of the 5 weeks.  Now, I am stronger, healthier and really look forward to the sessions. Cody Michaels always does an excellent job motivating us to push ourselves to get through our workout while making it fun but also makes sure that modifications are available. I highly recommend!”-Nadine Garrow